Thursday, October 22, 2009

Life is a highway...on a pool table!

Kasper's Kastle 2009

Yesterday we finally made it to Kasper's Kastle at Serenity Farms. We were supposed to go last weekend, but the rain was insane and it was so muddy that they closed down the whole weekend. I was pretty upset since this coming weekend it was supposed to rain yet again on Saturday, and Sunday I'm to go out of town for APA tri-annuals in Laurel. So, I called them up and asked if they had any groups coming to the farm during the week and if we could jump on with them. The answer was yes...yay! So me & Isaiah, along with some friends, made it up there. It was a gorgeous day out!! First we hopped up on the tractor trailer for a hayride down to the petting farm. Isaiah was hesitant at first, but once he got to the sheep it was all over. He loved them! The small donkey was ok, but the big ones & the llama he wanted nothing to do with - LOL. Oh, and there was THE ugliest pig i've ever seen...poor thing. :( Once we finished up there we hopped back on the hayride and they took us over to Kasper's Kastle where Dora and Blue were waiting for us. Mind you, Isaiah's been waiting to see Dora this whole time. I even had to tell him she was sick the previous weekend since he was so upset we didn't get to go. However...once he got up close and personal with her...he wanted nothing to do with her. It was so funny because this is the 3rd year we've gone. The first year we went he was 18 months old and scared of all the characters. The second year he was 2.5 and he LOVED them. Now he's 3.5 and well...I think he was figuring out that they were just people dressed up. Both him and his friend Makenna acted the same way all three years and she's just 6 months older than him. It was interesting to say the least! We then made our way through the Kastle and through the hay maze and finally to the pumpkin patch. Sadly, my camera informed me that my battery was "exhausted" during the hay maze, so I didn't get any pics of him in the pumpkin patch :( Makenna's momma got some however, now I'm just waiting on her to post them. It was a great time as always :)

LOL - love this goats eyes!

The poor pig :(
The sheep were super friendly - I love this :)
The kids minus the busy one LOL
Just hand over the candy Blue, and noone gets hurt!

County Fair Fun

Earlier this month we took a trip with some friends to the fair. We didn't make the St. Mary's County Fair due to many issues...however, the following weekend we made it to the fair over in Calvert County. We had a lot of fun aside from the hour and a half we spent inside the portable getting our kids identification set up. It was worth it however cause I've got everything I could ever need in case something happened to Isaiah. The best part was watching Isaiah ride all the rides. He's getting to be such big boy and loved riding the "roller coasters" he he. I think the big surprise for me came when he climbed ALL the way up to the top of the Giant Slide by himself and slid down. He even won 2 free months of karate classes when we visited a vendor for a karate school. I need to call them now that they've probably calmed down with all the visits from that. Every kid won something with the minimum being 2 weeks...the majority actually. Isaiah spun the wheel (think of a verticle Wheel of Fortune type whelel) and landed on 2 months free. That was exciting for me as well because I've been wanting to try him out in those classes for a long time now. So until next year, here's a little fun.

Chowing down on a county fair hot dog - yum!

I love you too baby!
Climbing up...

Made it to the bottom!

If this doesn't show how much fun he's having I don't know what would :)
All done! See you next year!

October Fun!!

Well, October is here and I'm SO's actually almost over, but seeing as I didn't do any blogging since July I'm just now getting here. I started the month of with a fun craft and yummy food. Well, *I* thought the food was good - not so sure about the rest of the family. LOL - I found the Ratatouille recipe in my Family Fun magazine, and the crafts on their website. Here's the links for all:

Ratatouille -

Salt Ghosts -
Paper Bag Trees -

Nature Time @ Greenwell State Park - Horses (9.29.09)

Yay! Horses! This was a lot of fun, tho pretty crowded. Isaiah got a bit shy when it was his turn to brush the horse, but he did like it. :) Keeping it short with a few pics.

Showing me horse food LOL
Checking out the horses in the pasture.
Brush time!
Playing in the saw dust in one of the stables - he seemed to think this was better than everything else LOL
Thank goodness we're out of that barn!!

Showing me his horse tail that we made.
Trotting away down the road...

Nature Time @ Greenwell State Park - Corn (9.22.09)

What a fun day we had for Nature Time learning about corn! The little ones got to harvest some corn from the stalks. They learned about the way corn was harvested wayyyyyyyy back when, and about some fun crafts that used to be made with the husk of the last corn cob harvested. One is of a doll that is made of the Corn Mother. They would have a big celebration at that time. Then once it was time to plow the fields and get them ready for the next year, the doll was replanted into the ground to help the new crops grow. It was very interesting. Isaiah had a blast with his first time with a parachute. This was my favorite outside activity in school when I was a kid - so watching Isaiah do this was so amazing! Then we made our super neat wreath and corn doll!

First ever relay race...with a corn cob on top of it LOL

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Holy Moly!!!!

All I gotta say is...someone remind me NOT to wait this long before blogging again. The catching up is unreal! Going to break for the night and HOPEFULLY finish the way, tomorrow I will be doing lots of cleaning. Isaiah is getting his surprise new bed on Friday. I'm so flippin' excited...hopefully now I'll get mine back all to myself!

A trip through the woods

Occasionally my Uncle has small family get togethers where we all come over for good food, good chatting, and lots of laughs. Isaiah and his cousins love to run around and play all over the yard. Our last time over though, they fired up the go kart and Isaiah got his first ride on one. I don't know what he thought really. LOL - I couldn't tell if he was just being shy or if he was nervous/unsure about the whole thing. None the less - it was still super cute to watch him. :)

Getting ready to get on...

Taking far, so good!!
Yea....doesn't look so good anymore...he he he.

Computer Whiz Kid

At 3 years old, Isaiah has become a pro. He can use a mouse like no other, and can navigate all around his favorite kids game sites and play all his favorite games. He loves playing on & Playhouse Disney. Noggin got a little hard when Nick Jr. took over and re-did the website - but after a week or so he got the hang of it. Once I taught him to read the word "Games" he was good to go and knew where to click. When he first got into it, we had to create a chart. He had a 10 minute time limit 6 times a day. He was going nuts and would stay on there all day if I would have let him! He's doing much better now and only asks to go on a couple times a, if only *I* could get to that point. ;)

Mom's Night Out - August 2009 - A night in pictures.

The Many Faces of K'Nex

So Isaiah got a little gift from Grandma...a box of K'Nex. Well...they're a little much for him right now, so Mommy gets to make's a sample of what I've made! This is many hours of work - LOL.
Tow Truck

Snow Plow

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