Monday, February 22, 2010

Just a clip!

Just a little clip of the little guy learning to skate...too cute i say!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Time Ice Skater

Today my dad and I took Isaiah ice skating for the first time. With the Olympics being on and just prior to that, the X Games, he's really been digging the winter sports. Since Dad played hockey when he was younger, I thought he might enjoy taking Isaiah out on the ice since I don't know that my hips could handle it. It turned out to be SO much fun to watch. First he learned how to walk on the skates around the regular floor and after a couple minutes was walking like he had on regular shoes! Once the ice was cleaned off, Dad went out for a practice run since it's been quite sometime since he's been skating. As soon as he was ready, he came and got Isaiah and went to town. Of course, little man was shaky and wobbly at first. Poor kid looked like a newborn baby deer out there - LOL. Soon though he learned to find his balance and did well. By the end of the day, though he was still slow, he was making his way beside dad without holding on. I am so proud of my baby boy, and the world might just have a new future hockey player on their hands! :)

(learning how to walk first)

(first steps on the ice!)

(going for a stroll with grandpa)
(doing some drills to help with his balance)
(pulling grandpa along lol)
(wanting to do it all by himself)

(dad getting his groove back)
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