Sunday, April 18, 2010

Visions of Spring

First Time Fishing

Last weekend Isaiah got his first taste of fishing. He totally loved every second of it. We started off by meeting Jacob, Billy and his daughter Autumn at Sheetz to grab some breakfast and show me how to get where we were going. We grab out stuff and head off for a short drive to St. Mary's River State Park. Once there we have to take a walk to find somewhere to fish. The question arises - right or left? I blurt out left, and that totally turned out to be the WRONG answer. We were supposed to walk about a half mile to a little cove. Yea, so over roots and hills we go and find this cove. The water was super low, but the area under a bridge looked dry enough and with enough room that we all five could fit comfortably to fish. Billy decides to go ahead and go down there to make sure it's all okay. He makes it around the side of the bridge and is going across a little water path, steps on a fallen branch and it snaps. Into the mud he goes! LOL - I tried really hard not to laugh, but Jacob was hiding behind me and made it totally unbearable to hold in anymore. Well, we decided after that, that it was NOT a good we keep walking...and walking....and walking. We make it another quarter to half mile down the way and decide it's not working. So it's break time, then we turn around and head back the other way with the intention of going ALL the way back to start, and THEN some. Luckily for us we found a spot we missed a short ways down the road. It was a nice little spot, though a bit tight for the 5 of us to all fish comfortably. Jacob got Isaiah's all rigged up, and then himself. Well, once Isaiah saw how Jacob was fishing, he was NOT content to sit there and stare at a bobber in the water - lol. He wanted to "roll it in" as he calls it. So, I would cast out for him and let him reel it in. He loved it, despite not catching anything. One one fish was caught for the day...a 9" largemouth bass by Jacob. Billy caught a log though and that was fun! HA HA! After about 3 hours it was time to pack up and head out. Over all it was a great day, and a perfect first time fishing. Next fishing adventure...out on the boat with Grandpa!

(hiking to our spot)
(He was so excited to learn!)
I love this man LOL
(So serious...)
(This was such a beautiful place.)

He had the best time :)

Do overs!

Up down, up down, up down, blah blah blah. So I brought down the regular scale yesterday, stripped down, and stepped on. All I can say is, Ugh! How did I let myself get to this point? Not only did it make me sad, I got a wee bit mad at the Wii Fit. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Wii Fit. I just don't think that the weigh-ins are very accurate. First off, how do you REALLY know how much your clothes weigh? Then you have the options of 2lbs., 4lbs., or 0. Hmmm...what about 1 or 3?? LOL - oh well, so from now on it's daily weigh-ins, stripped down, so there's no question. So, you might be asking yourself...what could possibly have shown up on the scale to make me plaster this big yellow frowny face guy on my page...well, my all time high number. 158 pounds. 158??? I'm 4'10" and just last spring i was like 140ish. So almost 20 pounds in a year, and about 30 pounds gained since I had Isaiah. Quite frankly, it's disgusting. The past couple days I've been doing well over all watching what I eat. I've slipped up here and there, but nobody is perfect in the beginning. I will say that I have super great support behind me in my boyfriend. He's also a great source of motivation. He's lost about 30+ pounds since November/December and is looking amazing. Granted he can physically do things that I can't - but it's still encouraging none the less. Yes, I'm bad about getting down on myself for the things I can't do, or the pain that comes after doing things anyway. I just have to find a way to keep strong and tell myself that in the end it will all be worth it. The end of the year right? That's my goal...get to a good weight so that I can get my hip replacements. Just gotta keep that in my head...hip replacements, hip replacements, hip replacements....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting inside my head

So, watching the Biggest Loser last night got me to start thinking about my life and reasons that I fail at so many things I do. I think it's a pity thing...I don't feel I deserve good things because so many bad things have happened to me. Physically I have super bad arthitis, my hair is all makes me feel old, ya know? So I need to find a way to snap out of that and not let it get to me. Right now I'm trying to focus on eating healthy and letting that make me feel good. It's a daily, if not hourly battle. I walk past the Easter candy and just wanna stand there and munch on jelly beans, open the fridge, and want what's fast and easy. :::sigh::: I'm starting to snap out of it...I think I'm rambling right now and not making much sense at all....

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Almost Better

It's been a rough road to healing...but I think I'm finally completely there! I'm going to try and do the 10 minute boxing routine on the Wii Fit tomorrow, and see how I end up feeling after that. Little by little I'll get there. My first goal is to move from the obese catagory to the overweight catagory. That's about 13 pounds. I'm hoping to get there by the end of May. If my groin is completely healed then I don't see why I can't do it!!! As one of my favorite lines from a song says about tomorrow...

"It's a new dawn, it's a new day....and I'm feeling good."
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