Friday, February 4, 2011

The Logic of a 4 year old's coloring

Isaiah was doing his coloring homework, and had to color 10 pages of big letters. I asked him why he was coloring the letters he colors he chose, and these were his answers...
A - Red, because apples are red and apples starts with A.

F - Grey, because fish are grey and fish starts with F.

Y - Yellow, because the color yellow starts with Y.

U - Blue, because of rain and you cover yourself from the rain with an Umbrella - which starts with U.

X - Half dark blue, half light blue - because those are the colors of an X-ray.

P - Pink, because pink starts with P.

O - Orange, because orange starts with O.

T - Brown, because their Alpha-friend in class for T is Tikki Tiger and Tikki Tiger is brown.

S - Yellow, because it's the color of the Sun, which starts with S.

W - Blue, because water and whales are blue.

His mind never ceases to amaze me.
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