Sunday, December 20, 2009

I did it again...

I lost track of time. Where does it even go? I think sometimes I should use this blog for more than just updating what I do but even my random thoughts. Eh, who knows. So's now 4 days before Christmas. Little baby Isaiah just had his tonsils out, eh, about 2 weeks ago? He was such a big guy, but THE hardest thing I've had to do ever. We got to the hospital at about 6am that morning. Isaiah got all ready in his gown and slipper socks and we hung out reading, practicing with the gas mask, and watching cartoons until it was time to go back into the OR. Then the big time came and I got to go back while they put him under. Now, let me flashback to a long long time ago when I was 6. I myself had the same surgery and remember the doc telling me the gas would smell like bubble didn't....i fought and it took 4 people to hold me down. Fast foward to that day and they tell him the same thing. :( I had to help keep him still, cause the poor boy did NOT like the smell. He just kept turning his head side to side saying "yucky" over and over and it just broke my heart. Next thing I know, he's out. I kissed him goodbye and almost lost it. I cried, yes, but not that bad. Mom brought me breakfast and we talked and 30 minutes later the doc came out and said he did great and that his tonsils and adenoids where huge. His recovery went pretty well and it's so amazing now! He doesn't snore, choke, or gasp while he's sleeping anymore, and all the funky noises he made while eating are gone too. As scary as it was, it was 100% worth it. :)

Now, here we are and we had our first snow storm this season over the weekend. It was amazing and beautiful! Isaiah LOVES the snow and can't get enough of it. Him and Uncle have had a blast sledding and making snow castles and snowmen.

(lol - isn't this the greatest coat ever??)

I cannot believe this year is almost over. I feel like it just past me by. Yes, I've met some AMAZING ladies. Overall tho...I think it's been a tough year. I feel like my body is falling apart piece by piece. I'm starting the next year off on a good start tho. I'm going to be going to the University of Maryland Medical Center to see a doctor and discuss finally getting hip replacements. I need them, and I'm SO ready! So ta-ta for now. And let's see if I can keep this thing up a little better in the new year!

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