Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Factor Tree (product review)

Recently, I got an offer from BzzAgent to try out The Factor Tree website with my child. We both loved it. It's strictly math related which is what my son loves the most. He's totally a numbers kid. It's set for kids pre-k through 6th grade. They start off by doing and evaluation test to see where your child would place. After that, they start them on a level below, just to ensure that they are truly proficient in the basics. Then each day, you have your child do a test of 20 questions. They'll show which are right or wrong, and there's also a "hint" section that explains how to do those particular types of problems. I found that Isaiah can do far more than I thought, and picks up new problems super easy. The only draw back is that it does cost $20 a month. It's a great program, I just feel the monthly cost is a bit steep. I believe $10 would be sufficient enough.

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