Monday, May 25, 2009

Cathing up Part 1 - Isaiah's 3rd Birthday

We had a great time for Isaiah's 3rd birthday. He had tons of friends come over and play. I will admit it was rather stressful. This was my first time hosting any type of party, but I think I did rather well. We had a construction truck theme - cause, well, we all know that he's obsessed with trucks!!!
He woke up that morning and was so excited to see all the decorations and went right to his hat and put it on for yummy waffles for breakfast.

It was an hour before the party was to start and I still had to get the cake decorated as well as myself (ha ha!). Ok, so I wasn't decorating myself, but well - in a way I guess I was! Anywhoo - I got them both done JUST in time for the first guests to arrive, then they slowly trickled in.

I let the kids play, and we caught Isaiah trying to peek in the gift bags a couple times, and well as randomly licking the cake. LOL - he was ALL about presents, and needless to say he got the piece of cake that he felt was a good spot to lick. Then just as our last guests arrived, I opened the door to let them in when what do I see but our landlord with his backhoe out there!

I was so excited cause i KNEW this was going to be the highlight for Isaiah. He just loved it! Although you would have though he saw a rockstar! He was so much in awe that he was afraid to go near it. Finally, I climbed up in it and he sat on my lap and checked it all out.

After that it was off for cake and presents, which was crazy but fun. It was a great time, and if I didn't tahnk you all before - I thank everyone for coming!

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