Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hip replacements becoming real

This morning I went to see my local ortho about the cortisone injections I got 3 weeks ago. Sadly they've worn off. I'm back to the same old painful ways that I was prior to the shots. We went a little more in depth about replacements though she is not the one who will be doing them. She revealed to me, that the first time I saw her, the real reason she told me to see someone else, was not truly because of her own inexperience in hips/joints. It was that she did not feel comfortable suggesting or agreeing to a 30 year old getting replacements. However, since she's seen me again these last couple times, and I've revealed some of my personal issues when it comes to working, taking care of Isaiah, and doing things with him...she's had a change in opinion. She now sees that this really is the only option left for me. From there, she proceeded to tell me that there is in fact a joint specialist surgeon in their practice who I can see, so that I can be local for all of my follow-ups and whenever my revisions happen, etc. Sooooo....Monday I am still going to go see Dr. Pelligrini up past Baltimore, and talk to him and possibly schedule my appointment. Then the following Monday I will be going to see the Dr. Bauk here locally and get his thoughts and opinions and decide who I think is a better fit for me. I personally am really liking the thought of keeping it all local. She did slightly mention that a lot of surger appointments are made 2-3 weeks out from the discussion, WOW? I have a lot to discuss with the doctors, and my parents since they will be helping me with Isaiah during my recovery time. So, I could potentially be having surgery next month, should I decide to do it prior to Isaiah getting out of school....yikes!!!!


  1. Your xrays make me cringe in pain! I can't believe you accomplished so much- especially carried a baby with those hips. You are a wonder woman! And I really respect you for that

  2. Thank you Elizabeth - it's been a long, hard, painful road that I'm SO glad to be ending!!!


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