Saturday, May 7, 2011

Birthday Celebrations!

I officially have a 5 year old!!! Isaiah turned 5 this past Tuesday, and it seems like almost every day he does something new that's so "big kid-ish". He now cuts his own food, rides his bike without training wheels, can open the childproof doorknob covers - LOL. We went in for his 5 year check up the other day, and he's growing like a weed! Since February he's gained 4 pounds and grown 2 inches!!! So overall in the last 6 months, we're at about 8 pounds and 4 inches give or take a wee little bit.

Dad just left the other day to go on travel in Pensacola for 3 months! Yikes! Isaiah's keeping me in check tho, and making sure we walk the dogs like him and Grandpa did daily. It's a nice time when I'm not too sore. :)

We also had a football game today that was a lot of fun! The boys played well, and we won. Go Patriots!!! I'm really starting to see that Isaiah's strong point is definitely as a defender. He made a lot of stops today...momma was definitely proud! :)

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