Saturday, June 4, 2011

Counting down the days

I cannot believe how soon my first hip replacement surgery is. Twenty four days from now, I will more than likely be in a recovery room...or maybe already in my first physical therapy session. This past week I went to the University of Maryland Medical Center for all of my pre-op testing and also for the Total Joint Replacement class. It all made me so much more excited for this next chapter of my life. It almost feels like a whole new life to be honest. There are so many possibilities that await me after recovery. I try not to get TOO worked up, because I know that there are always downsides, and there are sometimes failures. All I can do is throw up my prayers to God and believe that he will guide me and my family through these changing times!

And one other thing...I can't believe my baby is almost done with pre-k!!!! Only 10 more "school days" left!

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