Sunday, April 18, 2010

First Time Fishing

Last weekend Isaiah got his first taste of fishing. He totally loved every second of it. We started off by meeting Jacob, Billy and his daughter Autumn at Sheetz to grab some breakfast and show me how to get where we were going. We grab out stuff and head off for a short drive to St. Mary's River State Park. Once there we have to take a walk to find somewhere to fish. The question arises - right or left? I blurt out left, and that totally turned out to be the WRONG answer. We were supposed to walk about a half mile to a little cove. Yea, so over roots and hills we go and find this cove. The water was super low, but the area under a bridge looked dry enough and with enough room that we all five could fit comfortably to fish. Billy decides to go ahead and go down there to make sure it's all okay. He makes it around the side of the bridge and is going across a little water path, steps on a fallen branch and it snaps. Into the mud he goes! LOL - I tried really hard not to laugh, but Jacob was hiding behind me and made it totally unbearable to hold in anymore. Well, we decided after that, that it was NOT a good we keep walking...and walking....and walking. We make it another quarter to half mile down the way and decide it's not working. So it's break time, then we turn around and head back the other way with the intention of going ALL the way back to start, and THEN some. Luckily for us we found a spot we missed a short ways down the road. It was a nice little spot, though a bit tight for the 5 of us to all fish comfortably. Jacob got Isaiah's all rigged up, and then himself. Well, once Isaiah saw how Jacob was fishing, he was NOT content to sit there and stare at a bobber in the water - lol. He wanted to "roll it in" as he calls it. So, I would cast out for him and let him reel it in. He loved it, despite not catching anything. One one fish was caught for the day...a 9" largemouth bass by Jacob. Billy caught a log though and that was fun! HA HA! After about 3 hours it was time to pack up and head out. Over all it was a great day, and a perfect first time fishing. Next fishing adventure...out on the boat with Grandpa!

(hiking to our spot)
(He was so excited to learn!)
I love this man LOL
(So serious...)
(This was such a beautiful place.)

He had the best time :)

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