Sunday, March 20, 2011


Ahhh....relief! Yes, that's what I finally have a bit of. Friday afternoon I went and had cortisone injections in both of my hips. That was quite an interesting experience! I had it done under flouroscopy which is basically a live action x-ray. Man, oh man, are my hips trashed! I seriously have no cartilage in there at all. Anywhoo, the right hip was a pain getting done. When they actually put the cortisone in it felt like my entire thigh was going to burst open - ouch!! However, the injecting of the left hip was much smoother, and not nearly uncomfortable. So there I was, all done, and ready to go get dressed. I hopped off the table and went to change back into my clothes. As I did that, I became extremely dizzy. I ended up needing a ride home for safeties sake. The next day though, waking up and climbing out of bed was like a dream. I still get little sticks here and there...but in general it's been wonderful.

Now on to the other exciting news. Next month I'm returning to see Dr. Pelligrini at the University of Maryland Orthopedics. I'm finally ready to go through with getting my replacements done on my hips. We will have a lot to talk about that's for sure. I kind of want to get them done at the same time, even though I know that it will be a little harder to recover from. I believe that with my circumstances both physically and the home front, that having them done at the same time will be the most beneficial for me.

Sooooo....all good things going on here. I'm feeling stronger emotionally as well, which is a little slice of heaven. :)


  1. OUCH Jen! I had 'twinges' in sympathy pains just reading about it!

    Hope you have 'back up help' to keep up with your little guy when you have surgery!

    Hugs & Prayers!
    ( from Sparkpeople ;) )

  2. Thanks Debbie!!! Hope you're doing well! I've got tons of help when I have surgery thankfully! I'm nervous but i can't wait!


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