Monday, March 28, 2011

Manic Monday? Nah...Marvelous Monday!

Every Monday morning, I log onto Facebook and see tons of harsh words about poor little ole Monday. Have you ever wondered tho, maybe Monday is so mean to us, because we're so mean to it? Maybe if we were to wake up and see the beauty of Monday, then our Monday's would start to look a little brighter? So this is why I've decided to start a Marvelous Monday blog. Every Monday, I challenge you to find something wonderful, beautiful...something Marvelous about your Monday!

So, for my own first MM blog, the thing I find great today, is I WOKE UP! When life gets us down, when we get frustrated with our days - no matter which one it may be - just woke up. You opened your eyes and your alive. Alive another day to see your babies, your spouses, your friends, the beautiful world around you. Would you rather be having a rough day, or no day at all? So go forth today, and might be cloudy, but those clouds won't be there forever, and soon...the sun is gonna shine!

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