Saturday, September 24, 2011

Time flies when you're having fun..

...or in my case, doing nothing.  I can't believe I've been missing for a month!  Well, I kind of can.  I know that in the past I'm well known for abandoning my blog  for months at a time, but I was on a roll!  The last thing I talked about was sitting in the hospital, with a newly wrapped up leg from surgery, and had just experienced my first earthquake...right after waking up from surgery.  How fun was THAT? Ha!  I also mentioned that Hurricane Irene was on her way towards us.  I cannot believe I never got back to talk about that experience.  The rain started early, and progressively got harder throughout the day.  Somewhere around 6pm we lost power.  It got darker, it got windier, it got scarier.  See, we live down a little dirt road, in the WOODS.  Somehow I don't think that the words "woods" and "hurricane" sound too good in the same sentence.  Once night had fallen, the sounds of snapping branches and falling trees became quite a scary ordeal.  We had no idea if any of those trees would have been headed for our house.  The flashes of lightening & transformers blowing however created beautiful lighting throughout the night.  I did get some sleep, however not very much.  Kinda hard to sleep wondering if a tree is gonna fall on your head.  So the night went on, and by morning it was a beautiful day.  The sun came out, the birds and bugs sang their hearts out.  Amazingly we had absolutely no damage to our house, cars, or heads.

Other than that, these last 4 weeks have been rather uneventful.  I had my staples taken out at 3 weeks post-op just like the first hip.  I could have sworn that this incision wasn't ready to have them out, but turns out that it looks better than the first, and the long run will probably be nearly invisible.  Getting around lately has been hard.  Not in the way you think though.  One may think that i say that because it's been tougher, that maybe I've been more sore..but no, that's not it at all.  It's because I'm ready to GO!  I want to get rid of the walker and be free.  I'm feeling so much stronger at this point compared to last time.  The arthritis pain is gone and it feels wonderful.  I still get muscle aches and back aches, but that will all fade in time.  Here in about a week and a half though, I will be officially free of the walker, and can begin physical therapy to start building up the muscles and strengthening them.  I can't wait!  I know it's gonna kick my behind, but I also know that it's going to be a great thing. 

Til next time my loves! <3


  1. Hey there fellow bionic woman. I twitch hearing about the physical therapy. I remember crying through mine. I had a birth defect in my hip (hip dysplasia) they'd been trying to correct with surgery my whole life until I finally had it replaced. It turned out a lot of the muscles in my hip were damaged from all the surgeries (doctors who cut them) and the guy who did my replacement spent a lot of time trying to remove scar tissue to make it easier for me to use the new hip. Needless to say, it caused a much higher level of pain then 99 percent of the people who have hip replacements. I was on Vicodin for 8 weeks. You're so luck to have things healing so well and so fast. Hang in there. It's such a wonderful thing to hear you say the pain is so much less. :)

  2. I'm sorry that I'm so late responding...that sounds horrible! Mine was caused by dysplasia as well, although my condition wasn't discovered until I was 13, and then it was misdiagnosed as Perthes disease. Only 2 years ago at 29, did 2 docs say no, it was dysplasia, with the 2nd one agreeing to the replacements finally. How far out are you? And I'm guessing you're in the Hippy Group on FB? But i don't know who you are! lol


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