Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Turning 4!

Yes - I'm late - again. LOL - Isaiah turned 4 on May 3rd. We had a great little party with some of his friends. Cake and ice cream, a pinata, bubbles, moon bounce and fish! I figured that he didn't need anymore toys, so I bought a fish tank and had everyone bring him a fish for it. That worked out well, except for 2 things. He didn't care about the fish like I thought he would, and they died. So I've been working on getting this tank right for like 6 weeks and it's FINALLY good and keeping fish alive - woohoo! Anywho - back to the party - it was a lot of fun. I still some days cannot believe he's 4!

After all the kids left Isaiah spent some fun times playing basketball and learning to hit a thrown baseball vs. tee-ball with his uncle. :)

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