Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Computer Whiz Kid

At 3 years old, Isaiah has become a pro. He can use a mouse like no other, and can navigate all around his favorite kids game sites and play all his favorite games. He loves playing on & Playhouse Disney. Noggin got a little hard when Nick Jr. took over and re-did the website - but after a week or so he got the hang of it. Once I taught him to read the word "Games" he was good to go and knew where to click. When he first got into it, we had to create a chart. He had a 10 minute time limit 6 times a day. He was going nuts and would stay on there all day if I would have let him! He's doing much better now and only asks to go on a couple times a, if only *I* could get to that point. ;)

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