Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nature Time @ Greenwell State Park - Corn (9.22.09)

What a fun day we had for Nature Time learning about corn! The little ones got to harvest some corn from the stalks. They learned about the way corn was harvested wayyyyyyyy back when, and about some fun crafts that used to be made with the husk of the last corn cob harvested. One is of a doll that is made of the Corn Mother. They would have a big celebration at that time. Then once it was time to plow the fields and get them ready for the next year, the doll was replanted into the ground to help the new crops grow. It was very interesting. Isaiah had a blast with his first time with a parachute. This was my favorite outside activity in school when I was a kid - so watching Isaiah do this was so amazing! Then we made our super neat wreath and corn doll!

First ever relay race...with a corn cob on top of it LOL

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