Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nature Time @ Greenwell State Park - Jellyfish (8.18.09)

August 18, 2009 marked the first day that we went to Greenwell State Park for Nature Time. I knew that they held it every Tuesday, but for some reason I thought it was for like 5 year olds and such. So, I found out they were having a week about Jellyfish and I got in touch with the lady that runs it to find out more. She let me know that his age group is more than welcome to come out. So that day we met at the clubhouse area and the group trotted down to a little beach cove. She taught the kids all about different types of jellyfish and what kind you can find in the bay. Then the kids hopped in the water and went jellyfish hunting. They found 2! It was so much fun, after a little bit of that they got to make their very own jellyfish. Isaiah did an amazing job...I was so proud of him. :) He had quite a good time after the flopping around in the water.

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