Thursday, October 22, 2009

County Fair Fun

Earlier this month we took a trip with some friends to the fair. We didn't make the St. Mary's County Fair due to many issues...however, the following weekend we made it to the fair over in Calvert County. We had a lot of fun aside from the hour and a half we spent inside the portable getting our kids identification set up. It was worth it however cause I've got everything I could ever need in case something happened to Isaiah. The best part was watching Isaiah ride all the rides. He's getting to be such big boy and loved riding the "roller coasters" he he. I think the big surprise for me came when he climbed ALL the way up to the top of the Giant Slide by himself and slid down. He even won 2 free months of karate classes when we visited a vendor for a karate school. I need to call them now that they've probably calmed down with all the visits from that. Every kid won something with the minimum being 2 weeks...the majority actually. Isaiah spun the wheel (think of a verticle Wheel of Fortune type whelel) and landed on 2 months free. That was exciting for me as well because I've been wanting to try him out in those classes for a long time now. So until next year, here's a little fun.

Chowing down on a county fair hot dog - yum!

I love you too baby!
Climbing up...

Made it to the bottom!

If this doesn't show how much fun he's having I don't know what would :)
All done! See you next year!

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