Sunday, July 24, 2011

Every day gets better and better...

I'm coming up on the one month anniversary of my brand new bionic hip! I feel great, though still not doing tons cause of my restrictions. I've begun my physical therapy. Right now it's not too tough. They have me doing the same exercises that I do at home, except that they push me to do a few more sets than I do here. That ends up being rather tiring, more so on my non-surgical leg. I have 3 exercises that are standing and since I'm only allowed 50% weight bearing on my surgical leg, I'm only allowed to do those exercises on that leg, therefore standing on my non-surgical leg for over 15 minutes straight. Talk about feeling the burn! Ha! That leg gets so incredibly tired and sore while doing the exercises. One good thing is that that leg is getting it's own kind of workout and being strengthened as well, so that hopefully it'll be in good shape for the next surgery...which brings me to more good news!

I have a date for the other replacement!!! September 20th I will officially be a double replacement hippie! Haha! I'm very excited and plan on getting the current surgical leg as strong as possible before then so it will be able to hold me up well while I have to lessen the weight bearing on the other leg. Life is good!

In other news, Isaiah starts Kindergarten on August 24th! I can't believe it's already that time. He will be leaving the house around 8:30am each morning and will not be home until after 4pm. This kind of saddens me. Ok, this *really* saddens me. I'm hardly going to be seeing my baby at all soon, but for a few short hours each day. Once he gets home, then it'll be a mad dash of homework, dinner, showers, and bedtime. Oh wait, and football. Yep, he's going to be playing flag football again! So exciting! There is an upside to it though, and that is once I'm fully recovered from surgery and given the go ahead by my surgeon...I can get to working. I don't care if I have to get into fast food, i will do something full time. I will have all day to work while he is in school, and then I can start working on getting out of debt, getting school student loans out of default, and begin getting back to college and taking classes in SOMETHING. Still working on that...there are many different areas that I'm so interested in....graphic design, nutrition & fitness, make-up, and now going through what i'm going through I'm beginning to find a deep interest in nursing, specializing in orthopedic surgery...somehow working with docs assisting in surgery. Hmmm...think, think, think!

I also had a play day last night. Not sure if I've discussed that I have a page on facebook where I do mini make-up tutorials for my friends who love my make-up. I did my first one in a long time last night and that was nice! Made me feel pretty - haha! I based it off of the Connecticut state flower, which is the Mountain Laurel. I'm in the process of doing a look for all 50 state flowers. A few photos below showing what I came up with!

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