Monday, July 25, 2011

I feel like a puffer fish

Yesterday was a pretty great day. I got in more physical activity than I have since I had my hip surgery. I went out and did about 20 minutes of walking down the driveway and down the road a bit then back. Each trip took me around 4 minutes, and I think I took 5 trips. I took about a one minute break in between each trip - so was on my feet about 30 minutes total there. Then I decided to take the opportunity of being out there to spend some quality time with the kiddo. We played catch with the velcro mits and ball, then we lost the ball in the ivy - yikes! So we progressed to playing catch and practicing with the football. It was great to see such smiles on my little man's face as he had a great time with his mommy. I just can't wait until after my next surgery and I'm given the ok to be free. I'm going to just LOVE going out and doing things with him without having to say, "Maybe tomorrow honey, mommy hurts today." It's going to be simply amazing!

So back to yesterday! I spent about an hour on my feet. It was the first time I've truly been able to compare the pain in my bad hip, and the changes the new hip has made. All I have to say is, YAY! I had no joint pain at all in the new hip! The bad hip was a pain, literally. I could hardly put any pressure on it and walking on it was horrible. The only pains on the new hip side, wasn't even pain, just a dull muscular ache from working muscles that had been cut up during surgery. So, am I pleased with finally getting the surgery? You bet I am!! God makes things happen when they're supposed to happen...and I believe this was the perfect time for me. It gave me the first 5 years of my sons life to stay home with him. To be there for him and to raise him the best way I could. I'm so lucky to have amazing parents who've helped us out financially during this time, so that I could be there to take care of him in every other way. Now, he's going to be in Kindergarten full time from 9am until 4pm every day. And guess what that gives me??? The time needed to get a full time job, and start supporting us! Could I have worked like that prior to these surgeries? Not at all. Will I be able to now with shiny new hip? You bet I will! I won't lose any quality time with him, and will be able to get us the money we need, and also work on getting myself back in school. It's a super great feeling. :)

So, you might be thinking...why does she feel like a puffer fish? Well, yesterdays activity has cause me to swell up around my incision. Mostly the area between the incision and the tube drain holes. It's rather annoying and ice seems to make it puffier...blah. Hopefully it'll get better tomorrow. Of course, tomorrow I have physical therapy - lol! I'm definitely going to ask them what they suggest other than ice for these moments. Maybe heat will work better? Or maybe I need to see my surgeon and have it drained? It seems more like fluid, and I wonder will it disappear on it's own, or would i need to have it drained? I guess I'll know more tomorrow!!

Til next time my loves...

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