Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Sad Hip's Journey in Pictures

Love my non-slip socks? Oh yea!

So excited!!! I've waited 18 years for this!

This is a drawing done by my sweet baby boy when he visited me at the hospital. They showed up and he broke out his dry erase board and then handed this pic to me...it's me with my IV stand and tubes. I love him so much!

Nervous to come near mommy.

There we go <3

Sad that it was time to leave :(

The Devil! LOL

Drain away!

The view outside my window - some think it was my guardian angel :)

time for some exercises!

Time to go home!!!

Gotta keep those blood clots away!

Yes - i sleep with a blankey since coming home! LOL

He gets to sleep in Granma's bed for now.

Epidural damage :/

IV damage

One week post op!!

2 weeks post op - drain tube holes looking like a vampire bite LOL

2.5 weeks post op

3 weeks post op - just hours after getting my staples removed!

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