Thursday, August 25, 2011

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, First Day of School and a Total Hip Replacement

Yep, it's been that kinda week. I came in Tuesday morning at 5:30am. Got all prepped and ready to go and headed into surgery around 8am I think. It wasn't quite as easy as it was the first time around. First, let me note that I did have a great anesthesiologist; he was able to get the line in on the first go around so that was great. However, there were issues later on related to it. So I go into surgery and of course, the next thing I know I'm waking up in recovery.

Now a little bit of backtracking. During the first surgery, when I was put under it was strictly through the epidural. It was great, and coming out of it was a breeze. This time, however, was a whole different story. I found out once I was going under, that it was going to be under general anesthesia, I went to sleep mad, and woke up grumpy. >:-/ So I'm in and out of conciousness, when I feel my bed shaking lightly. I thought it was ME at first, so I sat up a little wondering what was going on, and the shaking stopped. Laid down, it came back...sat up, it went away. Laid down again and THAT was when I knew it wasn't really me! We all were a rocking and a rolling, it was like a fun ride, but scary too cause we didn't know what was going on. Then all the phones were down so noone had a way to call out or in. Slowly but surely they came back and that's when the world knew there had been a 5.9 earthquake that hit in Virginia. It apparently was felt all over the East Coast, and even over in Michigan. They say that it has to do with the rocks on this coast being older, so they can transmit the earthquake easier. All I know is that it was so freaky! Poor Mom & Isaiah had just gotten out of his open house at school. They were in the car and Mom turned the car on when it hit, so she panicked thinking that it was something wrong with her car and that it was going to blow up. Right then, my Aunt sent her a text saying that it was in fact an earthquake. So there is day 1 of my recovery....

Well, part of it. The rest of it was spent feeling absolutely horrible! I would get sick to my stomach, throw up nothing but the sips of water I had drank. Then I would feel ok, sip a little bit and get sick. It felt never ending. And then there was the epidural...yes, it got placed easy, however I got SO lucky, as it sent the pain meds to the wrong leg...whoops! I'd press my boost button and it wouldn't help my new surgical leg, instead it went to my right leg and made it completely numb. I was able to move my feet and toes, however I could only bend my leg less than an inch at the knee. So I laid in bed, in a huge room this time (one good thing!), with a numb leg and a surgical leg in pain. I think I was getting a small amount of the meds to that leg, but not much. So we tried some Dilaudid for the pain and it definitely helped more. Day 2 was better, didn't hurt so bad, ate nearly 3 whole meals, and stayed up for quite a bit of the day. The downside was getting 2 units of blood transfused. I'm not sure if it's the same for everyone, or if I'm just weak, lol, but it's not a comfortable procedure, and it lasted like 6 hours! Physical therapy came in also to try and get me out of bed, but that didn't work out so well. We made it to the edge of the bed, but because of the numbness of my right leg, I couldn't stand on it. When I tried it nearly went out from under me, but the PT was holding me up and got me back on the bed. Good thing cause that could have been an ugly site! The night went on and I got some good sleep. Slept for about 4 hours from midnight to 4am, woke up hurting and got some more Dilaudid. 4:30am rolled around and the pain had lessened, but not fully gone away, so they brought me some Tylenol-3 to take. It helped and I got some more sleep.

Wee early in the morning the doc and his crew rolled by seeing how I was doing and what he felt my estimated time to go home was, if at all. He finally felt that probably Saturday would be a good day like last time. Then the morning rolls on, I get more sleep, then head to x-ray...yea, THAT didn't feel good. Ugh...during the first surgery it wasn't painful, just a bit scary cause of the new hip. This time it was both - lol. Then I head back to the room again and fall back asleep. I was in and out of sleep all the way like 1:30pm. I thought I was just tired, or the meds, but then I heard something in the hallway about Oxygen, and it turns out that my Oxygen had dropped to 87 for some reason. They popped the oxygen tubes back in my nose and slowly but sure was finally able to wake up fully. Kind of creepy knowing that I couldn't wake up on my own til they did that. Since then though, it's been a good day. Physical and occupational therapy both came to visit me. Yes, I was able to get out of bed today! Yay! We walked out the door and across the hall then back to the far side of my bed to my chair. Rested for a few, then occupational came in and had me walk nearly the same distance, but to the bathroom, made sure i could sit on the potty, and then back to the chair again. They both said I did amazing so that's was good to hear!

Now i'm just resting and hanging out here chatting away about my week. Speaking of week...I'm supposed to go home on Saturday. Saturday is when this lovely Hurricane Irene is due to hit up near us. Yikes! Right now it's a Catagory 3, and getting close to slamming the Outter Banks of North Carolina I believe. I feel for them!! It's not going to be a pretty site. From there, they're saying that it should be decreased to a Cat. 2, but that will still be pulling in some 100mph winds along the coast. I heard for a brief moment that here inland it will definitely be raining with winds ranging from 50-60mph. The upside is that I more than likely will get released early that morning, and it's not supposed to roll through until the evening, so hopefully me and Chris can get out of here and back down south. It's all kinds of crazy I tell ya!!!

Now for the final part of the baby started Kindergarten!!! He's absolutely loving it, and I couldn't be prouder. Sadly I missed it, but I'll be there for the rest of the year, and Grandma is a champ for taking over Mommy Duty during all this. An interesting tidbit, Mom was telling his teacher how he was rushing her to get out of the door so that they could go and telling her what time it was. When the teacher heard that, she was like, "Wait, he can tell time?" Apparently she's never had a student his age who could tell time, and not just on a digital clock, he can tell it on an analog clock...with Roman Numerals. Then that night she's telling me how she told him what his student ID number was. Now mind you, it's a 6 digit number, and she told it to him once in passing. She then went on asking if he remembered his bus number from the last school year since it would be the same and he says, yea...then proceeds to repeat the school ID number. What a rockin' kid!! He's in love with numbers...just like his mommy. :)

So that's been our week in a nutshell...or maybe an ostrich shell cause it was a lot. If you made it through all that, I am very proud of you. Haha! If not...and you skipped down to here...I do NOT blame you at all!!!

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