Monday, August 8, 2011

Good guys finish...

...last? Hmmm....I don't know about that.

Btw - I would like to say, that I might just use some foul language in this blog, if you don't like that...stop reading now.

On a for real note, this phrase annoys the shit out of me. Like, seriously. I hate stereotypes and all that jazz. Does one really think it's because they are "nice" that they finish last? I don't. Most of the nice guys I've come across have more than just being nice in common. Please note that I said *most* and not *all*, so if you take offense to this, then maybe you should look in the mirror...if you don't, then this isn't for you.

Women don't want a man who is a pushover. We don't want someone who will do "whatever we want". We want a man who is going to stand up and make a decision, take a little control in a relationship. This doesn't mean you have to be a dick. Taking control doesn't mean that you have to treat a woman like shit, cheat on her, blah blah blah. It means that you are not a weak man who lets people run all over them. Guys have got this "nice guy" thing twisted. Of course we want someone nice, who will treat us well, but we don't want someone who will bow down to us, someone who will drop everything to do what we want, when we want. If you got something to do, go do it! If you have something you *want* to do, and we mention doing something else not knowing that...don't drop your other plans for us...go do what you were gonna do! Trust me, it's NOT going to hurt our feelings. Ok, maybe some females it will...but they're generally insecure in themselves and needy females as well. Which leads me to the next point...confidence.

In the same way, men find that the #1 attractive trait in a female...women feel the same way. You gotta have confidence in yourself. Again, that doesn't mean you have to be a cocky asshole, it just means you have to be secure in WHO YOU ARE. Most self-proclaimed "nice guys" are just the opposite of that. Yes, we all - men & women - have things here and there we don't like about ourselves, or things we'd like to change. In this case, you have two choices. Either shut up, stop complaining and change it, or learn to accept it and love yourself for who and what you are.

I'd also like to state, that this is not just in reference to relationships, it also goes for jobs and anything else you can find to relate it to.

So that's that. You don't finish last just for being "nice". There are 15,000 other reasons for finishing last. Take a good long look at yourself inside and find out what is really going on. Then maybe, just maybe, you'll end up finishing first.

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  1. Excellent! I especially love the last paragraph.


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