Tuesday, August 2, 2011

5 weeks!

I can't believe that it's already been 5 weeks since my surgery!!! Time is seriously flying. Only 7 more weeks until my other replacement surgery, and I'm stoked! This next one should a breeze since I already know what to expect, and hopefully I can sneak out of the hospital and back home a day or two earlier than I did last time...lol. Or maybe I'll just stay in for the extra alone time...kidding!

I did the dishes today for the first time since I've been home. Yea, that chore hasn't changed much, stinks as much as it did then. Of course it was only like 5 dishes so it really wasn't that bad - haha!

For awhile there I was slacking on my exercises daily. I'd do a few of them but not all. The past couple days I've done much better. I've done the full set of them once a day, and then half sets a few other times in the day (the seated ones that is). Today tho, I'm going to get on it and get the full second set done later this evening.

Today is also a "test day" for me. I decided that it's time to get off the hard meds, and move on to the OTC ones. I asked Dad to pick up some regular Tylenol (ok, maybe extra strength, but you get the idea), so I can wean off of the Tylenol w/ Codeine that I was sent home with. So far today I haven't taken anything at all. I'm seeing how long I can go without any at all and so far so good. The last time I had any meds was last night before bed around 2am...yea yea, way too late but that's a whole different issue I'm working on. If anything though, I want to try and only take the OTC Tylenol during the day, and then take the prescription before bed, and then after a few days try the OTC before bed and see how it works out. We shall see!

Until next time my friends....

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