Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The beginning.

So here I am, finding my way into my new journey. I need something to keep me going...somewhere I can let out my daily struggles. The last two weeks have been rough on me due to girly crap and I've been exhausted. It's been a horrible cycle of feeling crappy, followed by bad eating and no exercise. I have to get myself together. I have to get healthy and get in shape so I can finally get some new hips. I found a great doctor at the University of Maryland Medical Center who finally agreed to give me hip replacements when I'm ready. He did however say that he wants us to exhaust all other measures, so for now I must stay on anti-inflammatories twice a day and he wants me to lose some weight. It's so hard between the hip pain, and my body holding on to weight due to PCOS. I'll post another day the details of how it all works, but for now I'm just rambling on in the middle of the night to give myself some motivation. They say keeping a journal helps....guess we'll see, eh? Here's to the first of many many blogs tracking my journey of weight loss, healthy eating, exercise...and in the long hips!

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