Thursday, March 4, 2010

Making the right choices

That's what the daily struggle is about. Making the right choices. Do you do the quick and easy or take a little more time and do it right? Today when I was on the verge of quick and easy, I remembered that right before I went to sleep I told myself that I was going to make oatmeal with ground flax meal and a little brown sugar for breakfast. So that's what I did! It was yummy and I feel full, but not stuffed. Still tired, but a little more energy than normal. I need to start getting my water intake better too. So for now I'm starting with 4 glasses a day. For me it might be tough but I believe I can do it! An old high school classmate of mine posted a quote today that hit me and totally woke me up. I hope that it will carry on to all who read it today.

The only thing worth saying today is to Never Quit!! Remember: No One Remembers you when you Start Something, but They Always Remember when you Finish. So, Finish at the End rather the Middle and Never Quit!!!

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