Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is Coming!!!

This week has been absolutely beautiful!!! I took Isaiah out to play on Monday and was walking around the soaked yard and totally freaked out when I saw that the Daffodils are sprouting!! So, I'm walking around some more and then I see the wild onions growing...then the Lillies. It's so exciting. To breathe the fresh air, feel the sunshine warm against your skin, to smell the dirt and just the nature of was truly wonderful. I hear it's supposed to rain for the next few days...I hope not! If so, it will work out tho. Mom and Chris are headed to Florida in the morning for my Uncles wedding. If it does indeed rain, it will give me time to give the house an overhaul. I tend to do that when everyone goes on vacation. I think it kinda keeps me sane while they're away. So yea, beautiful weather is on it's way for good. I'm sure in the middle of June I'll be begging for fall...but for now...the warmth can bring it on!

The wild onions sprouting


Cleaning up the yard now that the snow has finally melted.

My cheese ball loving it up outside!

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