Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cheat Day

So today was a cheat day for me. I don't think I went tooooo overboard. I had cheerios for breakfast and watermelon (delish!). Lunch...whoops...a McChicken. At least that was it tho...right? I've drank a brownie ice cream...4 cookies...ok I did crappy. I had a great weigh in today tho and tomorrow is back to the make-your-body-feel-good food! I started this journey at 155 pounds. On a 4'10" frame...thats a lot. Yes...obese. I hate that word. It's an ugly, horrible word...but hey, what can you do about it? My BMI has been over 32 and I've been trying and trying, waiting and waiting, for it to drop below that. Well, today it did! I hopped on the Wii Fit to do my daily Body Test and it was at 31.98!!! Not much, but enough to make me jump up and down. So yes, I cheated today. Does that mean I'm going to continue that? NO WAY!! Now it's time to keep it moving and get it below 30! Going below 30 will put me in the "overweight" catagory and out of "obese". However...that's about 18 pounds away. I can do it though. My final goal right now is to get my behind into a pair of jeans that are a size 7...they look so tiny...but I can only imagine how good I'm going to feel once I slide them up over my booty and button and zip them with ease. Oh how good that sounds....

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  1. GOOD JOB!!! I remember i went down .5 on the scale on my wii fit and i was freaking HAPPY. keep up the good work! i'm here if u need support/recipes/ideas, i'd love to work together!


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