Monday, November 29, 2010

the Beginning of Christmas

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas!!! Yesterday, the little guy and I decorated our little front porch trees that we went searching for last week. They are so adorable, and he had so much fun. We then went out to the Hollywood VFD. They were having a holiday party and tree lighting. We got there and played a few games and did a few crafts. The kids got some prizes for doing a good job. Then we went outside and watched the parade of firetrucks and other emergency vehicles as they rolled down the highway in front of the firehouse. Then they came around through the parking lot and we got to see Santa and help countdown to the lighting of the Christmas tree. It was so pretty!!! Unfortunately, Isaiah was not up for visiting with Santa, so we went ahead and went home. It was a lot of fun and Isaiah got a super surprise when we got home and our own tree was up and lit. Tonight begins the fun of actually decorating!!!

Ready to go to the firehouse!
Decorating one of our "Charlie Brown" trees on the front steps.

Decorating an ornament at the firehouse.


Santa coming in on a firetruck!

All lit up!

Too cute :)


Early bird present for Isaiah ;)

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