Friday, November 26, 2010

We're off to see the Wizard!

Ok, so maybe we're not *really* going to see a wizard, although some days I really wish I could. Tonight, however, me and the kiddo were laying in bed like we do on his non-school nights to watch movies and cartoons. We were watching old school 1980's Care Bears episodes when I started falling asleep. Imagine that! Anywhoo - Dad pops in and says that "The Wizard of Oz" has just come on. Now, Isaiah has *never* seen the movie, nor even heard of it or had a clue as to what it was. Even I don't watch it every year all the way through. So I asked him if he wanted to keep watching Care Bears or put on this other movie Grandpa just told us was on. He says, "the other one," so I give it a go. I really had no expectations of how he would react. Well, maybe I did. Ok, ok...i definitely did. I thought *for sure* he would watch about 5 minutes and tell me he didn't like it and to turn it off. Well, boy was I in for a surprise, because he watched the entire movie!!! He really liked it, and something about watching it this time with him made it a whole new experience. Aside from the fact that every 30 seconds he was asking me questions about the movie that had no answers, like, "Well, where did the tornado go after it left there?" Really son? Haha - he's so very literal when it comes to movies. He really analyzes every aspect and you gotta be prepared to think hard, because he will not back down! So that was that, our first "Wizard of Oz" experience together was a hit! I'm sure there will be many more viewing during the rest of the holiday season. :)

P.S. It's on the DVR ;)

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